Many Clients today are competing to recruit and retain outstanding expertise to meet their business needs. And, the down slope of business profitability and sustainability are certain without dependable resources.

Siltek delivers talent across the entire gamut of staffing and project requirements. Our Staff Augmentation services allow you in getting qualified and adept resources to meet your requirements- both short-term and long term and any time with support for complex challenges. This one-of-a-kind approach not only provides our Clients with highly proficient people to meet their distinct needs, but also deliver consulting support from our in-house technical professionals.

We work in an environment that provides transfer of knowledge, cross communications, and ad hoc technical assistance to enable our staff augmentation experts to provide the most value to our Clients. We ensure that our resource pool is qualified and certified adequately in their core specializations.

At Siltek, we offer adaptable staffing alternatives for all your technical hiring requirements. We have a resource pool with a vast experience in every field and we do the groundwork to find the best candidates for all your needs.

Our Staffing Option Include:

  • Direct Placement
  • Trial Employment
  • Contractual & Temps